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About Geopolitical Futures:
Geopolitical Futures is an online publication dedicated to explaining and predicting the future course of the international system. One of the critical tasks of forecasting is to distinguish what matters from what doesn’t. While there are a staggering number of political and current events happening each day, few of them matter for the course of the international system.

Geopolitical Futures, led by intelligence expert and New York Times bestselling author George Friedman, will continually apply its proven methodology to make forecasts, highlight what’s important, provide insight into why it matters and what to expect next. Our publication is for readers from diverse backgrounds who are interested in better understanding international events.

Job Description:
We are looking to fill a train-to-hire analyst position with an initial internship phase lasting approximately three to four months. A modest stipend will be provided during this phase. Analysts in training should expect to work the equivalent of a full-time work week with flexible hours including some evenings and weekends. The company has a virtual office with no fixed location required though the job will require reliable internet access and follow US Central time zone.

The analyst-in-training will learn by doing. The position will require keeping acute awareness of global current events, daily research on selected items of interest, engaging in analytical conversations with peers and writing up findings.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Previous background in political science or international relations not required – we are looking for quality of mind first and foremost
  • Familiarity with global issues and current affairs
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently
  • Ability to quickly process large inflows of information and reliably perform in a fast-paced environment
  • Must be open to learning a new way of looking at the world
  • Must be able to clearly communicate in English; foreign language skills an asset but not essential

Geopolitical Futures tells you what matters and what doesn’t.

People say you can’t predict geopolitics.

We have.

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