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Weekly Graphic

Immigration Divides the EU
June 22, 2018

Brussels is having a hard time enforcing its own philosophical tenets on disobedient countries.

North Korea Nuclear Talks: A Timeline
June 15, 2018

The negotiations have been nothing if not long and volatile.

A Profile of US Energy Consumption
June 8, 2018

Global oil consumption has outpaced production since the beginning of 2017, a result of lower supply due to OPEC...

In Brazil, Fuel Prices Spark Protests
June 1, 2018

Brazilian truckers have gone on strike, and though the protests appear to be winding down, the effects have been...

Denuclearization and the Demise of Moammar Gadhafi’s Regime
May 25, 2018

Could Kim Jong Un suffer the same fate as Moammar Gadhafi if North Korea’s nuclear program is destroyed?

The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, by the Numbers
May 18, 2018

Minor skirmishes there erupt every so often, but they have never escalated to all-out war.

The Threats Facing Israel
May 11, 2018

Iran has a few ways it can respond to Israeli attacks, all of which face some heavy limitations.

Why Korea Can’t Replicate Germany’s Reunification
May 4, 2018

It has made geopolitical sense since their establishment in 1948 for North and South Korea to find a way...

Derailed Development in Southern Mexico
April 27, 2018

Located on the Pacific coast and 120 miles (200 kilometers) southwest of Mexico City, Guerrero state had the most...

Uzbekistan’s Pivotal Role in Central Asia
April 20, 2018

Uzbekistan is perhaps the most overlooked country in the most overlooked region of the world.

London, the Vanguard of an Economic Revolution
April 13, 2018

For the first several centuries of Britain’s existence, much of the world used London as a bridgehead for invasion....

Making Sense of the Balkans
April 6, 2018

The European Union is struggling to find its way, Russia is in a state of flux, and Turkey is...

Debating a Shared History in Eastern Europe
March 30, 2018

Since 2015, tensions between two important Eastern European countries, Poland and Ukraine, appear to have been rising. The rift...