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The Hidden Dependence in Poland’s Defiance
January 18, 2018

Its politics have drifted from the EU, but Poland’s economy and national security strategy still revolve around membership.

Iran Protests: What’s Really at Stake
January 11, 2018

Could the recent bout of unrest be a challenge to the regime?

The United Kingdom’s Future After Brexit
January 4, 2018

The U.K. is facing a serious challenge to its centuries-old political experiment.

On the Origins of the Conflict in Yemen

Dec. 28, 2017 As is often the case, the current civil war has historical and geographical beginnings.

2017 Forecast: Year-end Report Card

Dec. 21, 2017 It’s time to look back on how we fared this year.

Foreign Debt: The Price of Turkey’s Rise to Power

Dec. 14, 2017 Can the government afford to be more involved in the Middle East?

Evaluating the State of the US Navy

Dec. 7, 2017 What do the recent collisions involving U.S. warships in the Western Pacific say about U.S. naval...

A Top-to-Bottom Review of the Russian Economy

Nov. 30, 2017 With low oil prices, Moscow has had to get creative with the way it raises money.

A History of the Saudis’ Rise on the Arabian Peninsula

Nov. 16, 2017 Only the Saudis have managed to maintain long-term control over much of the peninsula.

Japan’s Radical Pursuit of Revival

Nov. 9, 2017 The “Abenomics” experiment remains inconclusive, both at home and abroad.

The Trouble With Spanish Nationalism

Nov. 2, 2017 Catalonia is only the latest reminder of how difficult it is to forge a single identity...

The North Caucasus: Russia’s Soft Underbelly

Oct. 26, 2017 The region is a key buffer zone for Moscow.

The South Caucasus: Untamed Crossroad of Empires

Oct. 19, 2017 The mountainous terrain forms a daunting barrier, whose few passages are worth fighting for.