A Strongman in China Prepares for a Crisis

Know the threats facing China for just $9.99

President Xi Jinping’s bold moves in China are intended to stave off a crisis, but with contradictory economic and political imperatives the question must be asked: Will it be enough?

Geopolitical Futures’ brand-new report Taming Bureaucratic Beasts in China dives deep into the sweeping reforms being made by Xi and his party and examines their impact both domestically and abroad.

With this comprehensive e-book, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges China faces that could compel it into crisis
  • The top reforms Xi and his government are making
  • How corruption is being rooted out, and who is impacted most
  • Which agencies are losing their power, and what is replacing them
  • And much more

Knowing what’s likely to happen is key to understanding how Xi and his government’s sweeping reforms will impact China and its closest allies and foes.

Normally only available with an annual subscription worth $249, this brand new e-book and a free six months of analysis can be yours for only $9.99 with this special offer. Your subscription will automatically renew in six months at the discounted price of $99 for one year. You may contact us at any time to cancel.

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Taming Bureaucratic Beasts in China – Six Months Free

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