The US needs legal immigrants

Dec. 18, 2018

I enjoy your analyses, but I have trouble with Shapiro’s article “A State of Enduring Division in the US.”  I suspect the concern with immigration in this country does not stem from a dislike of immigrants but rather from the country’s immigration regime in which immigration laws do not seem to be enforced across the board. People who jump through hoops to legally immigrate here are treated very unfair compared to those who cross the border illegally. We need immigrants, but we also need a rational system with consistent laws that determine who gets in, not the hodgepodge we have now. I think the bulk of our citizens are a lot more tolerant than you credit them for.

Response from Jacob L. Shapiro


I said as much in my article. I said a small but vocal minority is growing louder about their fundamental dislike not just of immigrants but of foreigners in general. I said the majority are opposed to illegal immigration based on the rule of law and economic principle – and that part of the issue is that decades of U.S. governments have done nothing to combat the problem through policy, leaving people confused about how to vote and what policies the different political parties support. I’m not sure how you got from what I said to what you wrote in your email.


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