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Sept 23, 2018 Stiri TVR – Video: România vrea să devină lider al blocului estic de state preocupate de dezvoltare și securitate prin propriile puteri, alături de Croația și Polonia
După un deceniu în care ne-am acceptat rolul de elev silitor în Uniunea Europeană, începem să emitem pretenții ca deschizător de drumuri în noua arhitectură de forțe a Europei. Alături de Croația și Polonia, România vrea să devină lider al blocului estic de state preocupate de dezvoltare și securitate prin propriile puteri. A comentat subiectul invitata lui Claudiu Lucaci la “Ultima Ediție” – Antonia Colibășanu, analist principal Geopolitical Futures.

Egy budapesti család 1956-ban elhagyja az országot és az Egyesült Államokban köt ki. Fiuk, George Friedman geopolitikai elemzésekkel foglalkozó intézetet alapít Geopolitical Futures, azaz geopolitikai jövő néven, ami a jövő lehetséges forgatókönyveit publikálja. Hogyan látja az elemző a jövő évi európai parlamenti választásokat?

Sept 20, 2018 Brain Bar – Will Trump Be Kicked Out of the White House?
There’s a culture war going on in the U.S., and Trump won it. – George Friedman via Brain Bar’s Ask the Right Question series.

Sept 13, 2018 Australian Broadcasting Corporation – The GFC shattered the ‘myths of liberalism’ and gave rise to Trump, geopolitical forecaster says
George Friedman traces the current state of world politics to precisely two events that unfolded within weeks of each other 10 years ago.

Sept 12, 2018 Real Clear World – Why Idlib Matters
The province of Idlib is in the northwestern part of Syria, near the Mediterranean Sea and the border with Turkey. Ordinarily, the world ought to have little interest in who controls it. But in geopolitics, sometimes the smallest and most obscure places generate the most concern among major powers – and Idlib is doing just that. – George Friedman

Sept 8, 2018 MacroGeo – Idlib, the Latest Frontline in the Syrian Civil War
After seven years of conflict, the future of the Syrian civil war may come down to the battle for Idlib. Syrian leader Bashar Assad has already taken back control of much of the country, and this northwestern province is the last remaining rebel stronghold. – Xander Snyder

Sept 8, 2018 Radio National – Saturday Extra – George Friedman on how the GFC ended the myth of liberalism
A decade after the global financial crisis, international political analyst George Friedman reflects on what he calls the end of the post-Cold War era. He argues the 2008 collapse of Wall Street giant Lehman Brothers and Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia signalled an end to the myths of liberalism and the belief that free trade could save the world.

Sept 8, 2018 Manila Bulletin – The ‘Deep State,’ target of Trump’s ire
“‘The Deep State is, in fact, a very real thing,’ geopolitical analyst George Friedman wrote in The Huffington Post. ‘It is, however, neither a secret nor nearly as glamorous as the concept might indicate.'”

Sept 7, 2018 TRT World – What Russia, Turkey, and Iran want in Syria now
What do the key players in Syria want now? Jacob Shapiro explains what Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria are after and what could be next for the war-torn country.

Sept 6, 2018 Brain Bar – Can China’s expansion be stopped?
George Friedman, founder and chairman at Geopolitical Futures, discusses Chinese expansionism for a new series, Ask the Right Questions, presented by Brain Bar.

Sept 6, 2018 Real Clear World – A Bigger Game in North Korea
The denuclearization process with North Korea is going nowhere fast. Last week, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said the U.S. has no plans to suspend any more major military exercises with South Korea. – Phillip Orchard

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