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Getting the most out of your Geopolitical Futures subscription
Thank you for subscribing to Geopolitical Futures. We are confident you will gain insight toward a better understanding of the issues that shape the world around you.

Your subscription
As a valued subscriber, not only will you receive daily reports on our geopolitical model as events develop, but you will also gain access to a wealth of archival material. We suggest you familiarize yourself with this material in order to maximize the value of your subscription. Our model is organized based on the following content:

The first things we suggest you read are our forecast for 2018 and our forecast for the coming decades. You can find these through the Forecasts tab of our website.

The forecasts do not change. Any adjustments to the forecasts will be issued in a special report. We want you to have access to our forecasts because they are the heart of our work.

Net Assessments
You can find these documents under the Net Assessments tab on our website.

Simply click on the region or country and it will bring you to its Net Assessment page. The current actual Net Assessment for each region or country (if available) is found in the blue side bar of its page.

These longer documents are unsentimental, concise examinations of the imperatives and constraints of world actors – the things they must try to accomplish and those things that are impossible for them to accomplish. If the forecast is our conclusion about how the world will work, the net assessment is the explanation of how the world works today. We update these net assessments periodically and publish a few new ones each month. The Net Assessments page is also an excellent way to access all the content types explained below, as all new pieces are filed under the net assessment with which they are connected.

Deep Dive
Once you have read the forecasts and net assessments, you will have familiarized yourself with the building blocks for what we call our model of the world. Armed with this knowledge, you will be ready to tackle our various weekly and daily products. Deep Dive is our main weekly offering. In this feature, our analysts write about the most important geopolitical issue in the world that week. Think of it as Dr. Friedman and his team checking the vital signs of our model once a week by examining how current developments intersect with it.

Reality Check
Everything we write is driven by our model. But our daily Reality Check is also driven by what the rest of the world is talking about – which often does not correlate with what is important. In the Reality Check, which is published first thing in the morning Monday through Friday, we cut through the noise to tell you what really matters – and what doesn’t. In addition to your daily email, all past Reality Checks are available on the website.

When world events call for it, we go into RealTime mode. In these moments of crisis, such as during the Paris terrorist attacks, we shift gears. We aim to be the first ones to tell you why a given event is important. The only thing that changes in these moments of crisis is our pace – getting information to you as fast as it becomes available is always our first consideration, but during crisis events our writing tempo dramatically increases.

The value of our publication is not just in the content we produce every day, but in the wealth of material that defines our model of how the world works. You have not signed up simply for an online magazine or news source, but rather for a rigorously developed and constantly integrated world view. All of our work is interconnected and nothing is random. In whatever way you choose to familiarize yourself with our perspective, we are glad to be writing for you, and we’ll see you out there.

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