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George Friedman on Wrath and Political Polarization – from Mauldin Economics

George Friedman on the "Walt Disney fantasy" of globalization and why it's not sustainable, and why the current political tensions in the US are anything but unprecedented, via Mauldin Economics.

George Friedman – Will There be a European Army?

What is the likelihood of a European Army at some point in the future? As GPF Chairman George Friedman explains via Brain Bar, there is a substantial divide between this idea in theory and putting it into practice.

George Friedman: What Makes A Good Leader?

What makes a good political leader? GPF's George Friedman on why leaders are not omnipotent, but are in fact prisoners to their country's rules and geopolitics. - via Brain Bar's Ask the Right Question series.

George Friedman: How to Travel Geopolitically

Watching the subtle ways that people live their lives can provide valuable information on how the economy is really going. George Friedman explains in this episode of Brain Bar's Ask the Right Question series.

George Friedman: When Will the Next Crisis Hit?

The problems we created in 2008, we never solved. So the question is, when will we experience the next crisis, and are we even prepared? George Friedman via Brain Bar's Ask the Right Question series.

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