RealClearWorld: Supply Chains: Our Parachute Moment

The global supply chain crisis is not about receiving Christmas gifts; it’s about whether medicine and food will be stocked in time. This may...

The Geopolitics of Deadwood: Cold War in the Black Hills


This April Fools’ Day, we pay homage to the HBO cult Western that expertly blended fact and fiction, and the city that inspired it. The long-awaited movie will be released in May.

JORNAL ECONÓMICO: A Maior Corrida do Mundo é Pelo Controlo da Inteligência Artificial

“As interconexões económicas criam dependências. Quanto mais um país depende de outro, mais o seu poder enfraquece e este é o caso da China...

Ukraine, the Netherlands and the European Union

(video interview with George Friedman)

InDepthNews – Nixon and Trump: The Politics of Impeachment

The evolution of the American political system inevitably has an impact on the global system. If the United States shifts direction in even minor...

After Pulling Out Of Multiple Deals, How Is America’s Reputation?


Earlier this week, President Trump declared the U.S. would pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which is better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. This follows the administration’s decisions to leave the Paris Climate Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and enter into NAFTA renegotiations.

How does this affect how the U.S. is seen by allies and adversaries alike?

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