Daily Memo: Turkish Operations in Syria, Cautious Optimism on the Coronavirus

Some believe an offensive is already underway.

Daily Memo: The US Reconsiders Chinese Access to Tech, Libya’s Cease-fire...

The U.S. president appears to be reversing a policy to block Chinese access to U.S. tech.

New US Strategy and Technology

The world is facing a fundamental strategic and technical shift in both the geopolitics of war and its dynamic. The shift is being driven...

Daily Memo: China Under Pressure, Reclaiming Syria

President Xi Jinping is trying to “correct” the official record of his party’s crisis management.

Daily Memo: The Limits of the Coronavirus, Global Security Issues, the...

The grimmest estimates can be helpful for policymakers to know what they need to prepare for.

Daily Memo: False Hope Over the Coronavirus, US Defense Budget

It almost appeared as though new cases of the diseases had permanently slowed.

Daily Memo: Idlib Update, a Philippine Treaty, a Russian Loophole

U.S. forces have reportedly clashed with the Syrian military.

Daily Memo: A ‘Heavy Price’ for Idlib, US Defense Budget Proposal

The Pentagon wants a leaner, more sophisticated fighting force.

Daily Memo: Turkey Provokes Russia, Israel Courts Arabs

Ankara is poking Moscow right after a falling out over the fight in northern Syria.

Daily Memo: Coronavirus Fallout, Syria Clashes, Ukraine-Turkey Talks

The Chinese economy is feeling the effects of the coronavirus, and Turkish troops are killed in Syria.

Belarus: When the US Calls, Russia Listens

An upcoming meeting means more to Moscow than it does to Minsk and Washington.

Daily Memo: Idlib Tests Turkey’s Patience, India-Australia Cooperation, North Korea Low...

Turkey accused Russia of failing to live up to its promises, and the Bank of Korea said Pyongyang was running out of cash.