Daily Memo: A Lost War in China, a ‘Troika of Tyranny’

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A Trade War Heats Up

Checking the pulse of our annual predictions, every two weeks.

Articulating Australia’s Interests

The prime minister’s recent speech was not so kind to China, despite reports to the contrary.

Australia’s Geopolitics

In the past two fragments in this series, I began to lay out the interaction between geography and the development of the United States. I want to continue with some other examples. This week, I will focus on the geopolitics of a country that, like the U.S., is fairly young, but that has developed very […]

Drought Hits Australian Wheat Supplies

Australia, normally a net exporter of wheat, has had to import wheat for the first time since 2007.

Toward a New Geopolitical Model

Note: I have received a staggering number of comments from readers on the first two installments in this series. As most of you know, we at GPF try to answer all of the emails we get from our readers. In this case, that hasn’t been possible. So instead, I will devote next week’s installment to […]

The US Is Not Abandoning Asia

Feb 13, 2017 A look at US military and investment positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

America’s Global Engagement

The myth of disengagement derives from American rhetoric and not American actions.

Australia Weighs Its Relationships With the US, China

For Australia, the dilemma ultimately comes down to the fact that its key security partner is at odds with its top economic partner.