China’s Limits in the Indo-Pacific


Jan. 20, 2017 Taking stock of competition between India, China and the U.S. in the Indian Ocean.

Daily Memo: Israel vs. Gaza, France vs. Germany, India vs. the...

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The G-7, Frozen in Time

It’s a product of an era that no longer exists.

Daily Memo: The Most Important Geopolitical Story in the World

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India: Banking on a New Stimulus Plan


Nov. 7, 2017 Since taking office, the prime minister has been using economic measures to consolidate his control.

The World in 2016

Dec. 2, 2015 We look ahead at the major geopolitical developments the world can expect to see in 2016. These include fragmentation in the European Union, as a result of the continuing refugee and financial crises, and a reluctant confrontation between Turkey and the Islamic State.

The Taliban and the Divided Afghan State


Aug. 30, 2016 Those who would fight the Taliban cannot present a united front.

India’s One Belt, One Road-Block


New Delhi’s goals are to make money and thwart China’s plans.

Daily Memo: Indian Industry, Ukrainian Concerns, Israeli Defense

India's industry sector shows signs of decline, and Ukraine raises concerns of increasing coziness between Russia and Europe.

Regime Collapse and a US Withdrawal from Afghanistan


May 8, 2017 No one is willing to acknowledge the extent of the challenge in Afghanistan.

Trump’s Emerging Afghan Policy


Aug. 7, 2017 Like the one before it, the current U.S. administration is finding it difficult to end the war.