Regional Security and the Islamic Military Alliance

April 5, 2017 The formation of a “Muslim NATO” may actually encourage jihadism.

Daily Memo: Sri Lanka, Israel and Oman, China and Japan

All the news worth knowing today.

The Road to 2040: A Summary of Our Forecast

Dec. 2, 2015 We look into the future and forecast what the world will look like in a quarter of a century. We predict several disruptions in the global structure by 2040 and conclude that much of the instability over the next 25 years will be focused in the European and Asian continents.

Here is a summary of some of our key predictions for the next 25 years.

China’s Limits in the Indo-Pacific

Jan. 20, 2017 Taking stock of competition between India, China and the U.S. in the Indian Ocean.

Daily Memo: The Most Important Geopolitical Story in the World

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What’s at Stake in Sri Lanka’s Government Shake-up

Both Beijing and New Delhi have been trying to curry favor with Colombo for years.

Big Days for Democracy in Asia

Voters in Indonesia and India – two countries that account for about 20 percent of the entire population of Earth – will soon decide who they want to represent them.

For India and China, Southeast Asia Is a Battleground

Dec. 12, 2017 India is expanding its efforts to gain a foothold in the region.