The World in 2017

Dec. 12, 2016 Major countries will see economic downturns due to low oil prices and a declining export market.

Net Assessment of South Asia

Dec. 2, 2015 South Asia is home to almost a quarter of the world’s population. The region’s geopolitical reality is dominated by a complex series of power dynamics, centered on the relationship between Pakistan and India.

One Belt, Many Headaches

The centerpiece of BRI is in Pakistan, a place not known for its security or financial stability.

New Borders in India: The Bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir

With the dismantling of Article 370, the Bharatiya Janata Party has stripped the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir of its autonomy.

Saudi Arabia Reaches Its Moment of Reckoning, the Quad Keeps Things...

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Trade and Security: The Two Sides of US-Indian Relations

New Delhi is a valuable partner to Washington on one but not the other.

Daily Memo: Grim Economic Data in the U.S.

Bad news comes as tensions rise in the Persian Gulf and South China Sea.

India: Banking on a New Stimulus Plan


Nov. 7, 2017 Since taking office, the prime minister has been using economic measures to consolidate his control.