China’s Successors: The Manufacturing Migration

June 15, 2016 New countries are inheriting the role of the once-dominant basic manufacturing powerhouse.

New Borders in India: The Bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir

With the dismantling of Article 370, the Bharatiya Janata Party has stripped the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir of its autonomy.

Daily Memo: More on Protests in Iran, More on Mattis in...

All the news worth knowing today.

Forecast Tracker: 2019 Year-End Review

(click to enlarge) Scale: Hit, Partial Hit, Inconclusive, Partial Miss, Miss A Cycle Ends The U.S. and China will reach a deal on trade, but it won’t end the trade war. Hit China and the U.S. were seemingly inches from a deal for nearly the entire year, but they repeatedly struggled to push negotiations across […]

What’s at Stake in Sri Lanka’s Government Shake-up

Both Beijing and New Delhi have been trying to curry favor with Colombo for years.

India: Falling Short of Great Power

Aug. 31, 2017 Internal disunity has held New Delhi back from projecting power throughout the subcontinent.

The Real Goal Behind India’s Economic Reforms

Jan. 12, 2017 The prime minister’s decision to demonetize India’s currency is as much about centralizing power as economic reform.

Fiscal Measures to Combat the Coronavirus

(click to enlarge) As the coronavirus has spread across the globe, it has paralyzed economies. With widespread quarantines, demand has lagged, supply chains have been...

Daily Memo: In Asia, China Gets Defensive as Restrictions Ease

Some countries have declared victory over the outbreak.

Daily Memo: Idlib Tests Turkey’s Patience, India-Australia Cooperation, North Korea Low...

Turkey accused Russia of failing to live up to its promises, and the Bank of Korea said Pyongyang was running out of cash.