Coronavirus and the Peril of Politicizing Medicine

Even medical institutions are political.

The Coming Decline of Global Trade

(click to enlarge) The World Trade Organization revised its forecast for global trade this year to reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic — and...

Daily Memo: Battles of Coronabonds and Oil Prices

The first rounds are over. The second rounds are likely coming.

Daily Memo: Unemployment and Oil

Insurance claims rose by another 6.6 million in the U.S. as OPEC struggles to stabilize prices.

Daily Memo: Wuhan Opens Up

European mitigation. As Europe struggles against the coronavirus outbreak, its institutions are scrambling for solutions to limit economic and political fallout. Today, the European Union will hold an “orientation debate” via videoconference about how the bloc should ease out of quarantines and relax public restrictions. The debate comes after Denmark and Austria announced yesterday that […]

Supply Chains and a Novel Path to Conflict

Though “supply chain” became a household term only in the past generation, it has been around since humans have been engaging in commerce. One...

The Method to Bolsonaro’s Madness

Brazil’s economy isn’t resilient enough to stay shut down for long.

Daily Memo: The US Surpasses China

There are more confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. than in any other country.

Daily Memo: Bad News for Wage Workers and Exporters

Unemployment claims have soared to historic levels.

The Coronavirus and the Rural-Urban Divide

The pandemic will deepen differences between the urban and the rural.

Daily Memo: Some Optimism Amid Lockdowns

Italy recorded its second straight day of reduced cases.

Quarantine and the Supply Chain

The global medical community appears to have devised a strategy for mitigating the coronavirus that depends largely on quarantine, or limiting contact among the...