Daily Memo: Indian Industry, Ukrainian Concerns, Israeli Defense

India's industry sector shows signs of decline, and Ukraine raises concerns of increasing coziness between Russia and Europe.

Daily Memo: Bolivian Political Uncertainty, a Slew of Sanctions, Chinese Market...

Bolivia's president resigns, and the U.S. and EU threaten new sanctions.

In Central Asia, Can China Really Compete With Russia?

Chinese influence in Russia’s historical sphere of influence is growing.

Daily Memo: Russia Skirts Sanctions, Spain Fights US Legislation, the Islamic...

Moscow and Spain make moves to protect their firms.

Daily Memo: Targeting Turkey, Cold War Games, German Economic Figures

The U.S. House of Representatives approves a bill to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, and Russia conducts its largest submarine drills since the 1990s.

Daily Memo: Turkey in Syria, Russia in Armenia, China in the...

Tensions between Russia and Turkey may escalate, and Russia's defense minister visits Armenia.

Exploring the Eastern Flank of the European War Theater

The first installment of this two-part series focuses on the doctrines that Russia and the West have developed to counter each other in the rimlands.

Daily Memo: Discontent in Lebanon, Trouble for Banks, Russia in Serbia

The Lebanese government suggests a reshuffle to quell protests, and more problems for the banking sector may be on the horizon.

The Enchantment of Mutually Assured Destruction

One of the most extraordinary facts of history is that during the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union never launched a...

Daily Memo: Cease-fire in Syria, Poverty in Russia

The cease-fire in northern Syria will expire late Tuesday, and Russia's statistics agency has new data on poverty levels.

The Role of the Caucasus in Russia’s Middle East Strategy

Moscow is trying to play all sides.

Daily Memo: Economic Pressure on Turkey, Putin Goes to Riyadh, Protests...

What's geopolitically important today.