Why the US Cares About Somalia


May 10, 2017 The country is a test case for Washington’s balance-of-power strategy.

Warren Buffett and Geopolitical Forecasting


May 8, 2017 Buffett’s approach to investing shares similarities with our forecasting model.

The US’ Old Friend in Southeast Asia


May 5, 2017 Thailand and the United States have long shared similar interests in the region.

The Philippines in Play


May 4, 2017 President Rodrigo Duterte and his nation are being courted by two major powers.

The Implications of US Debt

May 4, 2017 The U.S. has more flexibility with its debt than many other countries have.

The Limits of Expertise


May 3, 2017 Beyond expertise, waging war requires wisdom.

For US, Shared Interests Trump Moral Purity


May 3, 2017 Donald Trump is not crazy for wanting to meet with Kim Jong Un or Rodrigo Duterte.

The New McCarthyism


April 27, 2017 Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s tactics are now being used against another group.

South America’s Strategic Value to Mexico

April 27, 2017 Mexico prioritizes relationships with South American countries that help support its livelihood and mitigate external threats.

An American Recession and the World


April 26, 2017 The U.S. appears to be on the cusp of a cyclical recession.

The Geopolitics of Nuclear Weapons


April 24, 2017 Recent developments in North Korea have placed a spotlight on these weapons.

The US-Saudi Alliance


April 21, 2017 The two countries need each other, but their interests are diverging.