Lincoln, Brexit and Geopolitics

April 7, 2016 Understanding a nation’s strategy requires an unbiased view of its objectives and constraints.

How Mexico Has Eased the Burden of Falling Oil Prices

April 7, 2016 Among major Latin American oil producers, Mexico has best dealt with the plummeting prices.

The US and Russia Bargain Over Eastern Europe

March 31, 2016 But recent bilateral talks will not become another Yalta Conference.

The Political Nature of Strong Armies

March 29, 2016 A military’s role goes beyond fighting wars.

The Link Between Syria and Ukraine

March 24, 2016 The fact that the two conflicts have become intertwined is not a coincidence.

The US Obsession with Cuba

March 22, 2016 Cuba’s location means more to the United States than any government in Havana.

The Pitfalls of US Power

March 21, 2016 Applying a balance of power strategy is easier in the abstract than in practice.

The Week: Elections, Russians and Missiles

March 19, 2016 The U.S. presidential candidates grabbed headlines, while events in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula also took center stage.

Hyper-Democracy and the Rise of Trump

March 17, 2016 Primary elections lend weight to political extremes.

The US Pivot to Everywhere

March 14, 2016 U.S. strategy demands more of a pirouette than a pivot.

Shaping a Presidential Legacy

March 11, 2016 The limits of Obama’s office played a significant role in creating his ‘doctrine.’

The US and Israel Drift Apart

March 9, 2016 The two nations’ strong relationship has faded along with the Cold War strategies that brought them together in the first place.