Obama’s Deep Dive Into Putin’s Intent


Dec. 13, 2016 Was Russia meddling in U.S. elections, or is it just politics?

Command of the Sea

Command of the sea is the foundation of American national security. Adm. Alfred Thayer Mahan, the greatest strategist in American history, identified it as the core American interest (though he wrote before the war on terrorism began and before the development of nuclear weapons). The United States, he argued, can be threatened only by an […]

The Next Steps in NAFTA Talks

Progress is being made, but slowly.

For US, Shared Interests Trump Moral Purity


May 3, 2017 Donald Trump is not crazy for wanting to meet with Kim Jong Un or Rodrigo Duterte.

Frozen Peace: Where the Korea Standoff Goes From Here

An indefinite “freeze for freeze” may be all that’s obtainable.

Trump on Foreign Policy


April 28, 2016 The candidate’s recent remarks opposed not just a specific doctrine, but the idea of doctrines altogether.

From London to Space War

From the beginning, mankind’s presence in space had to do with war. In World War II, humanity went beyond the Earth’s atmosphere in order to kill. The first rocket that passed out of the Earth’s atmosphere was neither American nor Soviet but rather the German V-2. It was the first combat missile and had a […]

Dismantling a Story on US Nukes


Aug. 19, 2016 A recent report that the U.S. moved nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania bears the hallmarks of disinformation.

Daily Memo: The Opening Salvo of a Trade War, the New...

All the news worth knowing today.

Coalitions and the Battle Against Islamic State


March 24, 2017 Optics cannot overcome the will to fight.