Daily Memo: Price Wars and Setbacks

Even success stories such as Singapore are struggling to contain their COVID-19 outbreaks.

Not Another Eurozone Crisis

For now, it’s just a coronavirus-induced political dispute that looks like one.

Daily Memo: Oil Prices Rise, Unemployment Numbers Surge

Brent crude prices rose on the hopes that Russia and Saudi Arabia could be close to a deal.

Daily Memo: The European Divide, Iran Relief, US Diplomacy

EU members are divided over whether to issue so-called "coronabonds."

Daily Memo: EU Economic Crash, US-South Korea Military Cooperation

The European Commission is evaluating the economic fallout from the coronavirus crash.

The Coronavirus Closes Borders

The border between the United States and Canada has been closed. I don’t recall that ever happening before; I’m not sure what it is...

Daily Memo: The US Braces for April

Protectives measures have been extended.

Daily Memo: The US Surpasses China

There are more confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. than in any other country.

Daily Memo: Emergency Fiscal Measures and Securing Food Supplies

The U.S. Senate has reached a deal on an emergency fiscal package.

The Coronavirus and the Rural-Urban Divide

The pandemic will deepen differences between the urban and the rural.

Daily Memo: Some Optimism Amid Lockdowns

Italy recorded its second straight day of reduced cases.

Daily Memo: German Stimulus, Relief for Banks, US Economic Impact

Germany is set to introduce a multibillion-dollar rescue package.