Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Ventures Into the Mediterranean

The fleet plays a key role in Russia’s Mediterranean strategy.

Daily Memo: Belarus Buys Oil, South Korea in the Middle East,...

Minsk has secured a shipment from Norway while Turkey tests waters outside Somalia.

Russia’s Puzzling Moves

Over the past few weeks, two odd things have happened in Russia. The first is that Russian President Vladimir Putin has restructured the government....

Daily Memo: Outbreak in China, Russian Oil, Northern Syria

The coronavirus outbreak could be geopolitically significant in a number of ways.

Daily Memo: Libyan Peace Talks, Chinese Influence in Myanmar

Leaders of Libya's rival governments prepare to meet in Berlin this weekend, and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Myanmar.

Daily Memo: Cease-Fires on Battlefields and Trade Wars

Trade deal details leaked. The details of the “phase one” trade deal expected to be inked this week by Chinese and U.S. trade delegations in D.C. are starting to leak. According to Reuters, the South China Morning Post and others, China will agree to purchase some $200 billion in U.S. goods per year, including $75 […]

Evaluating the Importance of Recent Events

There are moments when the entire world seems to be coming apart, as if Armageddon itself were upon us. Public attention tends to be...

The Limits of Germany’s Economic Outreach to Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Moscow on Saturday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Over more than three and a half hours...

For Turkey, a New Chapter in an Old Rivalry

The Mediterranean is once again a key focus of Turkish power projection ambitions.

Daily Memo: Diplomacy to Resolve Libyan Conflict, Iran Tensions Ease, Brexit...

TurkStream, Libya and pipe dreams. Turkey and Russia announced a cease-fire in Libya, to begin on Jan. 12, following a bilateral meeting in Istanbul and the opening of the TurkStream gas pipeline. The two countries support opposite sides in Libya: Turkey supports the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord, while Russia supports the Libyan National Army, […]

Geopolitical Futures’ Forecast for 2020

Introduction A year is an arbitrary moment. It is short, its length determined by a planet’s rotation around a sun. It is merely a moment in a longer and more complex tale in which figures who tower for a time pass by unnoticed, when the triumphs and tragedies that rivet us all fade away, all […]

Daily Memo: Soleimani’s Assassination, Ending Spain’s Political Gridlock, Russia-Belarus Oil Tiff

All eyes on Tehran. The United States assassinated Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the longtime chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and a singular figure in the Middle East over the past two decades, with an airstrike at the Baghdad airport early on Friday morning. Soleimani had just arrived on a flight from Lebanon. Also […]