Daily Memo: US-South Korea Relations, Chinese Banking, Hong Kong Chaos

The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff is in Seoul for talks, and China's banking problems get worse.

Daily Memo: Bolivian Political Uncertainty, a Slew of Sanctions, Chinese Market...

Bolivia's president resigns, and the U.S. and EU threaten new sanctions.

In Central Asia, Can China Really Compete With Russia?

Chinese influence in Russia’s historical sphere of influence is growing.

Daily Memo: NATO’s Future, Iranian Oil Tankers, European Aid

The French president expresses doubt in NATO's viability, and Iran reports two previously undisclosed attacks on its vessels.

Daily Memo: Iran’s Uranium Enrichment, US-China Trade Talks, Beijing Concessions

Iran announces an increase in its uranium enrichment levels, and U.S.-China trade talks hit a snag.

If Firms Leave China, Will US Tariffs Follow?

Expanding the trade war to other manufacturing hubs could hurt the United States’ overarching goals.

Daily Memo: An East Asian Trade Deal, a Reprieve for Huawei,...

Asian countries near the signing of a trade pact, and the U.S. eases pressure on Huawei.

Daily Memo: US-China Trade Talks, North Korean Missile Tests, Israel on...

The U.S. and China will reportedly meet on Friday for further trade negotiations, and North Korea fires two projectiles into the Sea of Japan.

Daily Memo: Turkey in Syria, Russia in Armenia, China in the...

Tensions between Russia and Turkey may escalate, and Russia's defense minister visits Armenia.

Daily Memo: Iraqi Protests, the Chinese Plenum, the Argentine President

Protests in Iraq show no signs of letting up, and Chinese Communist Party leaders gather for their plenary session.

China and the US Are Dealing With the Easy Stuff

Beijing and Washington have yet to tackle the core grievances of the trade war.

Daily Memo: Syrian Oil, UK Elections, Yuan Negotiations

The U.S. announces a new troop deployment to Syria, and the Conservatives and Labour can't agree on a date for a U.K. election.