For the Islamic State, Distraction Is Survival


June 20, 2017 Its enemies can’t fight it when they’re fighting each other.

The State of Islamic State


Dec. 29, 2015 Without knowing the details of the Islamic State’s activities in the weeks and days before the Kurdish-led alliance took the Tishrin Dam in Syria, it isn’t clear whether this was a major defeat or even preparation by IS for a new offensive elsewhere.

Turkey Edging Closer to Islamic State Confrontation


Nov. 19, 2015 Turkey has avoided military intervention in Syria but may now be moving in that direction.

The Danish Vote and the European Crisis


Dec. 4, 2015 The Danish rejected a series of changes to Denmark’s laws in order to bring it into compliance with EU requirements, reflecting a growing challenge for the union.

Journey to Europe: The Perspective of the Apprentice


April 18, 2016 While attending a conference in Slovakia, our director of analysis reflects on the future.

Jordan’s Uneasy Approach in Syria


Aug. 11, 2016 Amman appears anxious about developments in southern Syria.

A New Crisis in Ukraine?


Nov. 26, 2015 Ukraine has engaged in a series of retaliatory gestures with Russia that may signal a coming crisis.

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