Chinese Military Movements and North Korea

April 11, 2017 Reports suggest Chinese army personnel may be mobilizing.

Update on Major Forecasts

June 6, 2016 Developments in Germany, China and Kazakhstan indicate our forecast is on track.

Chinese Power Struggles

May 10, 2016 President Xi Jinping faces a potential challenger while trying to consolidate power.

Israel and Iran Prepare for Conflict

The U.S. has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal. Israel and Iran are reacting accordingly.

German Bank at Risk of Default

July 11, 2016 How the bank proceeds will test Germany’s commitment to the bail-in approach.

Trouble Brewing in Iran?

The country grows more unstable by the week.

The EU Capitulates

June 25, 2016 The bloc’s members have conceded that further integration may not be desirable.

Turkey Attack Linked to Islamic State in Central Asia

June 30, 2016 Uzbek and Kyrgyz suicide bombers show that IS has increased its influence in the volatile region.

The Strategy Behind the Nice Attack

July 14, 2016 The purpose of terror is to terrify.

Turkey and the US Converging on Syria

May 23, 2016 The Americans are hoping the Turks will play a larger role in Syria.

The 3 Scenarios of the Singapore Summit

It’s not as if Trump and Kim have limitless options.

Brexit’s Impact on Italian Banks

June 27, 2016 The Italian government’s response to the crisis so far has been limited by EU regulations.