Interview – George Friedman on the Article Five Hour

Jan. 8, 2017

George Friedman is interviewed by the Article Five Hour

Not Another Cold War

Russia and the United States have been convenient strawmen for each other for some time. It makes sense for two powerful countries to be a little adversarial, but are they in the throes of another Cold War? The answer to that question requires a top-to-bottom understanding of Russia. Jacob Shapiro and Cole Altom explain why.

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George Friedman’s Mailbag

George joins the podcast to answer your questions about geopolitics. What did he get wrong in “The Next Hundred Years”? How will China’s economic woes affect the global economy? How is President Trump shaping US foreign policy compared to other US presidents? Tune in for answers to all these and more.

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Building Out the Model

Aug. 18, 2017

Allison Fedirka and Xander Snyder detail how we incorporate history, maps and forecasting to create our geopolitical model. Learn more about our methodology with our free report.

April Fools’ Special: Geopolitics and Game of Thrones

April 1, 2017

GPF discusses what the novels-turned-hit-TV show tell us about geopolitics and apply GPF’s methodology to the Game of Thrones universe. Click here to sign up for free updates on topics like this.

Leighton and George, Part II

After focusing on China in Part I, George and Leighton are at it again, this time talking about the US, Brexit, and a host of other important geopolitical issues.