Midway Moments: Waterloo and Gettysburg

June 30, 2017

Jacob L. Shapiro and Xander Snyder reflect on some key historical battles and whether they challenge GPF’s model of how the world works. Click here to sign up for free updates on topics like this.

Building Out the Model

Aug. 18, 2017

Allison Fedirka and Xander Snyder detail how we incorporate history, maps and forecasting to create our geopolitical model. Learn more about our methodology with our free report.

Is NATO Obsolete?

This week, the head of NATO wrote a column politely reminding everyone about the use of the military alliance. Can NATO continue to meet the needs of all its members?

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China’s Failure

Part one of a conversation between GPF CEO George Friedman and Newstalk ZB’s Leighton Smith. They discuss GPF’s 2019 forecast, China’s shortcomings, and New Zealand’s place in the world.

Toasting London, a Year Before Brexit

GPF Podcast returns after a week off to address what promises to be a busy few days ahead. Plus, Jacob Shapiro and Cole Altom pore over GPF’s new special reports on The Geopolitics of London and The Geopolitics of Dune. Sign up here for free updates on topics like these.

The Brexit That Never Ends

Cole hosts Phillip, Jacob, and Ryan to talk about the latest developments on the Brexit soap opera. Other exciting topics include Turkey’s economy and everyone’s favorite — Chinese banking reform.

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What’s Going on in Iran?

Allison Fedirka and Xander Snyder discuss the evolution of the most recent protests in Iran. Sign up here for free updates on topics like this.

The Week Ahead: Intervention and Partition

Cole and Jacob discuss the latest on Venezuela, Brexit, and Afghanistan.

Spotlight on Turkey


The Geopolitics of Jerusalem

Dec. 8, 2017 Jacob L. Shapiro and Kamran Bokhari discuss why the Trump administration is moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the implications for the Middle East. Sign up here for free updates on topics like this.

Surveillance: What Russia Does is Bluff

George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures Chairman, says that a great deal of what Russia does is a “bluff.” He spoke with Bloomberg Surveillance’s Tom Keene on the day of the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

The Geopolitics of Deadwood

Join Cole, Jacob, and Phillip on this auspicious April Fools’ Day for a discussion of the Geopolitics of Deadwood. No unauthorized cinnamon.

To read the report, click here: https://geopoliticalfutures.com/geopolitics-deadwood-cold-war-black-hills/

Our previous April Fools’ pieces on Game of Thrones and Dune are here:



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