New US Strategy and Technology

The world is facing a fundamental strategic and technical shift in both the geopolitics of war and its dynamic. The shift is being driven...

Daily Memo: The Limits of the Coronavirus, Global Security Issues, the...

The grimmest estimates can be helpful for policymakers to know what they need to prepare for.

Daily Memo: False Hope Over the Coronavirus, US Defense Budget

It almost appeared as though new cases of the diseases had permanently slowed.

Daily Memo: A ‘Heavy Price’ for Idlib, US Defense Budget Proposal

The Pentagon wants a leaner, more sophisticated fighting force.

Daily Memo: Turkey Provokes Russia, Israel Courts Arabs

Ankara is poking Moscow right after a falling out over the fight in northern Syria.

Tech Wars Are Complicated and Hard to Win

The U.S., its friends and its foes are all scrambling to secure their interests based on best guesses and worst fears about how the world might look more than a decade from now.

Belarus: When the US Calls, Russia Listens

An upcoming meeting means more to Moscow than it does to Minsk and Washington.

Daily Memo: Iranian Diplomacy, Controlling Syria, Stopping an Outbreak

Talks may soon begin between Tehran and Saudi Arabia, while Beijing tries to quarantine an entire city.

Daily Memo: Transatlantic Trade, Russian Food, EU Crisis Management

With deals final with China and North America, the Trump administration turns its attention to Europe.

Daily Memo: Outbreak in China, Russian Oil, Northern Syria

The coronavirus outbreak could be geopolitically significant in a number of ways.

Daily Memo: Aftermath of a Trade Deal, Egypt and Israel Respond,...

The agreement will be consequential even if doesn’t change U.S.-China tensions.

Daily Memo: Phase One Complete, the Russian Government Resigns

The trade war will continue despite some initial agreements.