The Difference Between Xi and Mao

The current Chinese leader may be president for life, but that’s where the comparisons end.

The Deep State

March 15, 2017 It does in fact exist, but not how you think.

Iran and the Problem of Occupation Warfare

For the U.S., defeating the Iranian military wouldn’t be the end of the war.

Where Hypersonic Weapons Fit in the Future of War

The battles that will urgently require these are the battles that nations must win.

NATO and the United States

Jan. 18, 2017 The president-elect has pointed out a reality many choose to ignore.

Revisiting Europe, the Heroic Delusion

Sept. 6, 2017 Poland is changing Europe whether Brussels approves or not.

Xi’s Glittering Solutions for China

Oct. 20, 2017 Beneath the promises of a bright future was a subtle admission of the country’s weaknesses and the potential for failure.

Trump, the Presidency and Policymaking

Jan. 11, 2017 What makes a president great isn’t what you think.

Trump’s Dilemma

March 29, 2017 President Donald Trump’s ability to make changes depends on whether his support rises or falls.

The United States, Syria and Russia

April 12, 2017 A strategy toward the Middle East requires more than short-term tactical moves.

The War Over Season’s Greetings

Dec. 27, 2017 “Merry Christmas” is a religious greeting that has become a secular one.

A Startling Speech in China

A prominent Chinese economist has publicly challenged a core concept in China’s policy.