The United States, Syria and Russia

April 12, 2017 A strategy toward the Middle East requires more than short-term tactical moves.

Where Europe and the Middle East Meet

Aug. 23, 2017 The attacks in Spain are geopolitically important for the context in which they occurred.

Israel’s Russia Gambit

How will Russia respond to the implied request to rein in the Iranians?

Israel’s Disappearing Act

Dec. 21, 2016 Israelis have benefited from not being a main focus in the Middle East.

Traveling Geopolitically

In the next two weeks, I will be visiting and writing about Portugal and Italy.

The Soviet Union and Russia: Tragedy and Farce

Dec. 28, 2016 Russia’s recent military adventures have mostly aimed to create an illusion of strength.

The Dispensability of Allies

May 17, 2017 Trump brings unpredictability to his talks with Middle East leaders, but some things we already know.

The Predictable Volatility of Iran and North Korea

One is coming to grips with its geographic constraints, the other is turning weakness into strength.

Trump’s Dilemma

March 29, 2017 President Donald Trump’s ability to make changes depends on whether his support rises or falls.

Trump’s Dilemma

Dec. 16, 2016 The president-elect’s ability to make changes depends on whether his support rises or falls.