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From the Desk of George Friedman

Biden’s ‘Reversals’

Just about every U.S. president promises a new era of U.S. foreign policy. George W. Bush promised to abolish nation building as a goal....

In Canada, Deep Divisions Brilliantly Managed


Sept. 13, 2017 The country has been able to withstand differences that would tear other countries apart.

Prince Charles Says We Are Dead Meat

Prince Charles has announced that the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow will be “the last chance saloon” for the planet. The COP26, as...

China and the Element of Surprise

A war between China and the United States would be a war between peer powers. That’s not to say they are identical powers; all...

China Stares Down a Financial Reckoning

One has to wonder what Jack Ma was thinking when, in a speech in Shanghai in late October, the Alibaba and Ant Group founder...

Hurricane Harvey: A Geopolitical Force of Nature


Aug. 30, 2017 Only some natural disasters can change the behavior of nations. Harvey may be one such disaster.

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