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From the Desk of George Friedman

In Germany, Politics Recollects History

Disagreements over immigration threaten the ruling coalition.

Iran Reshapes the Middle East

Nov. 29, 2017 For the moment, Iran has been freed to assert itself.

The US, Germany and the Strategic Divide in Europe

The NATO divide is not just a trans-Atlantic split but a European one as well.

Iran’s Enemies Strike Back

The government in Tehran made its move. Now, it’s being boxed in.

An American Perspective of US-German Relations

If Germany wants the strategic partnership to continue, it must become a strategic partner.

On Leadership, Virtue and Vice

June 21, 2017 In Britain, Theresa May failed to understand that leadership is more important than management.

The US-China War Will Have to Wait

There are more important issues to attend to first.

Brexit: How We Got Here

The referendum happened over two years ago, but there’s still debate over how to implement the result.

The Limits of Nuclear Arms Treaties

The idea that a treaty can mitigate the threat of war simply misses the point.

President-Elect Donald Trump

Nov. 9, 2016 His victory proves he – and the class of voters who elected him – cannot be overlooked.

American Universities Are in Crisis

Elite universities are once again looking for social conformists rather than disrupters.

Visiting China

I can’t explain China. I don’t know it well enough, and sometimes it seems to me that the Chinese are experts on their country, but they’re experts that don’t agree. Still, China is an American adversary, and an adversarial relationship between these two countries is dangerous even if it doesn’t lead to war. Therefore, I […]