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Alliances Shift as the Syrian War Winds Down

The countries that aligned to help protect Assad may be reconsidering their allegiances.

What a War with North Korea Looks Like

April 19, 2017 None of the options, apart from de-escalation, are attractive.

US-China Trade Talks and American Strategy

The United States is shifting from military to economic warfare.

Germany and Russia: The Long Dance

Perhaps this time is different.

Where Europe and the Middle East Meet

Aug. 23, 2017 The attacks in Spain are geopolitically important for the context in which they occurred.

Toward a New Geopolitical Model

Note: I have received a staggering number of comments from readers on the first two installments in this series. As most of you know, we at GPF try to answer all of the emails we get from our readers. In this case, that hasn’t been possible. So instead, I will devote next week’s installment to […]

Thinking About the Trump-Putin Meeting

The American president was not restrained by his advisers, but domestic politics imposes its own limits.

Hypersonics and Modern War

Hypersonics could introduce a radically new type of war.

Journey’s End: Warsaw and Budapest

April 5, 2017 A shift is emerging in Eastern Europe.

Turkey Enters the Fray

Never in the field of human conflict has such a limited military operation been threatened for so long.