Russia’s Choice: Its Buffer Zone or Its Economy

The coronavirus slowdown is forcing the Kremlin to confront decisions about its gas sales sooner than it had hoped.

Daily Memo: Funding a European Recovery

The most recent breakthrough is just a first step.

The Reality of China’s Push Into Eastern Europe 

Beijing’s engagement with the region is not nearly as strong as the headlines suggest.

Daily Memo: The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccine nationalism. The CEO of French drugmaking company Sanofi SA, Paul Hudson, said in an interview that the United States would likely get first dibs on any COVID-19 vaccine that it develops, with the remainder of its capacity going to Europe and the world. The firm is in the process of expediting vaccine development and […]

Daily Memo: China Fires Back

Beijing is making good on threats to retaliate against countries that hold it responsible for the pandemic.

Daily Memo: The US Moves to Revamp Global Supply Chains

The Trump administration wants to shift global supply chains for vital products away from China.

Daily Memo: Preparing for Trade After the Lockdown

Many countries are already easing off their restrictions.

Daily Memo: Shifting the Blame to China

The White House is considering punishing Beijing. But at what cost?

Four Coronavirus Lessons That We Will (or Won’t) Learn

How would we respond differently if another outbreak happened?

Daily Memo: Bleak Economic Figures for the EU and China

EU GDP posted its sharpest decline since 2009.

Daily Memo: Russian Sanctions and EU-Mexico Trade

Countries are reluctant to ease sanctions on Russia if the underlying issues remain unresolved.

Medical, Economic, Social, Military: The State of Play

A riot broke out in a poor, predominantly Muslim neighborhood north of Paris over the weekend. The immediate cause was a traffic offense and...