Daily Memo: The US Reconsiders Chinese Access to Tech, Libya’s Cease-fire...

The U.S. president appears to be reversing a policy to block Chinese access to U.S. tech.

New US Strategy and Technology

The world is facing a fundamental strategic and technical shift in both the geopolitics of war and its dynamic. The shift is being driven...

Daily Memo: China Under Pressure, Reclaiming Syria

President Xi Jinping is trying to “correct” the official record of his party’s crisis management.

How Dangerous Is the Wuhan Coronavirus?

The political and economic effects of the new coronavirus – both in China and across the globe – hinge overwhelmingly on just how successful efforts to stop its spread are likely to be. Forecasting these, therefore, requires us to take a closer look at the mechanics of both contagion and containment. When determining how dangerous […]

Daily Memo: The Limits of the Coronavirus, Global Security Issues, the...

The grimmest estimates can be helpful for policymakers to know what they need to prepare for.

Daily Memo: False Hope Over the Coronavirus, US Defense Budget

It almost appeared as though new cases of the diseases had permanently slowed.

Daily Memo: Idlib Update, a Philippine Treaty, a Russian Loophole

U.S. forces have reportedly clashed with the Syrian military.

Assessing the Economic Effects of the Coronavirus

Even short-term pain in one vulnerable sector could trigger a cascading crisis.

China, Ultra-Competence and Coronavirus

The Communist revolution brought to power Mao Zedong. It created a state based on ideology, the belief that what would emerge from the long...

Daily Memo: Idlib Escalation, Coronavirus Mismanagement

Turkey may be preparing for another offensive in Idlib, Syria.

Daily Memo: Heads Rolls Over the Coronavirus

Beijing seems increasingly worried about public frustration over its response to the virus.

The Geopolitics of the Novel Coronavirus

Geopolitics is a fairly slow-moving process that unfolds in predictable ways. This is usually the case. There are then moments when a wild card...