Canada’s Economic Dependence on the US

Feb. 23, 2017 Despite a heavy reliance on its southern neighbor, Canada may benefit from increased protectionism in the U.S.

Gauging the Strength of the Turkish Military

Since its founding, the modern Turkish republic has changed dramatically.

Rebalancing China and Bracing for the Trade War

The only thing more ambitious than Beijing’s goals is its time frame.

China, Where Reform Is Carried by an Iron Fist

Oct. 12, 2017 Will the authoritarian government to which the president aspires be enough to solve Beijing’s problems?

The Geopolitics of London: Or, How England Joined the World

The city was a global financial hub well before the EU, and it will be one well after Brexit.

Foreign Debt: The Price of Turkey’s Rise to Power


Dec. 14, 2017 Can the government afford to be more involved in the Middle East?

Making Waves: China Pushes Ahead With Its Aircraft Carrier Program

Beijing’s unveiling of its second aircraft carrier hints at China’s expanding naval ambitions.

Trump Turns the Tables on China


Dec. 8, 2016 China must have access to U.S. consumer markets, and Donald Trump knows it.

India’s Own String of Pearls

New Delhi is boosting its defense presence across the Indo-Pacific, as Beijing’s footprint also grows.

The Red Sea, Where Alliances Shift With the Tide

The region is too strategically valuable to be left alone by regional and even global powers.

Turkey and Iran: A Rivalry Reborn

Competition is unavoidable, but it won’t resemble the wars of old.

Iran’s Strategy in Iraq, and the Militias That Make It Possible

There are almost 70 Popular Mobilization Forces militias in Iraq. Most of them are loyal to Tehran.