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Journey’s End: Summarizing Central Europe

April 22, 2016 The EU doesn’t understand, Russia looms large, and the U.S. presidential race spells the beginning of the end.

Journey to Europe: Welcome to Czechia

April 21, 2016 The Czech Republic’s latest metamorphosis won’t be able to save it from its geopolitical fate.

Journey to Europe: The Ongoing Romanian Revolution

April 20, 2016 The people are still determining the lives they want to lead and the way the government should rule.

Oil Prices and Social Unrest in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela

April 20, 2016 The countries most dependent on oil revenue have experienced social unrest due to plummeting prices.

Journey to Europe: Visiting Romania

April 19, 2016 Despite a lack of fanfare, the United States’ relationship with Romania has become quite strong.

The Geopolitics of Sanctions

April 19, 2016 Imposing economic pressures is a tactic governments use to pursue goals, but shifting interests ultimately shape negotiations.


American Muslims and the Islamic State

April 18, 2016 U.S. Muslims present a major challenge to IS.

Journey to Europe: The Perspective of the Apprentice

April 18, 2016 While attending a conference in Slovakia, our director of analysis reflects on the future.

Europe and NATO

April 18, 2016

A Grain of Salt for China’s Export Growth

April 15, 2016 Recently released data has been celebrated, despite explaining little about the Chinese economy.

Europe, Islam and Radical Secularism

April 14, 2016 Post-Enlightenment Europe has replaced its Christian values with secular ones.

Journey to Europe: Thinking About Gagarin

April 13, 2016 The Cold War space race was as much about competition as it was self-doubt.

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