A Chinese Port in the US Storm


July 27, 2016 Leaders of the two countries have recently overlooked some disagreements to emphasize their common interests.

The Problem with Fighting Islamist Terrorism


July 26, 2016 Radical Islamism is a movement, not an organization, which makes it much harder to defeat.

China’s Problems Are Bigger than Its Leadership Struggle


July 25, 2016 The Communist Party is trying to ensure it can hold the country together.

Why Warnings Over Brexit Were Wrong


July 22, 2016 Short-term outlooks produce misconceptions.

Appearances vs. Realities in China


July 21, 2016 Beijing projects an image of strength but its weakness often shapes its polices.

Were Turkish Coup Planners Involved in Downing Russian Jet?


July 20, 2016 Erdoğan is using the coup attempt to reframe Turkey’s relations with Russia.

The Blurry Line Between Religion and Secularism in Turkey


July 19, 2016 The divide between Islamists and secularists is not as clear as some believe.

The Myth of Legal and Illegal Wars

July 18, 2016

The Coup


July 18, 2016 How did the coup plotters in Turkey avoid being detected?

The Implications of the Coup in Turkey

July 17, 2016 The recent coup attempt highlights the secular-religious divide in Turkey.

Erdoğan Appears to Regain Control in Turkey


July 16, 2016 The president appears to have control of the government after a coup attempt.

Why Brazil’s Economy May Be Headed for Recovery


July 15, 2016 There are growing indications that investments in Brazil are increasing.