Islamic State and the Possibility of Chemical Weapons


March 10, 2016 If IS is able to develop such weapons, the U.S. will have to change its strategy.

The US and Israel Drift Apart


March 9, 2016 The two nations’ strong relationship has faded along with the Cold War strategies that brought them together in the first place.

Saudi Arabia’s Loan Request Underscores Financial Crisis

March 9, 2016 The country is reportedly interested in a bank loan worth billions.

The Ebb and Flow of US Immigration

March 9, 2016 Current hostility toward Mexican immigrants reflects a historical trend.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan


March 8, 2016 The complexity of power and family.

Russia’s Strategy in Chechnya

March 8, 2016 Moscow has relied on its alliance with the local Chechen leadership to maintain control over the region.

The Greatly Exaggerated Rumors of Islamic State’s Demise


March 7, 2016 IS’ position in Syria and Iraq remains strong, despite reports to the contrary.

The Muslim World Between Shariah and the Rule of Law

March 7, 2016 The debate over the role of religion in politics has heavily contributed to the lack of rule of law in Muslim-majority countries.

The Significance of US, Indian and Japanese Naval Exercises


March 4, 2016 While most joint drills are routine gestures, these signal an interesting shift.

Apple and the FBI: A Tale of Mutual Incomprehension


March 4, 2016 The debate between national security interests and privacy rights is more complex than either side admits.

Uncovering What Will Happen for Rising Powers


March 3, 2016 A deeper look at how our geopolitical model informs our forecasts.