The Problem with the State Department Dissenters


June 20, 2016 If the Assad regime was destroyed, what would take its place?

Euroskeptic Party Makes Big Gains in Italian Election

June 20, 2016 Voters are frustrated by the country’s economic problems and relationship with the EU.

The Geopolitics of the Orthodox Church


June 17, 2016 While the Soviets shunned religion, Putin has used the Russian Orthodox Church toward geopolitical ends.

Iraqi Army Pushes Ahead in Fallujah

June 17, 2016 IS’ retreat from the city will not weaken its control over its core territory.

Xi’s Strong Control Over a Weak Economy


June 16, 2016 The anti-corruption campaign expands to politicians’ families as the yuan takes a dip.

Facing Some Truths Behind the Florida Massacre


June 15, 2016 In confronting terrorism, the U.S. needs to decide whether it is at war and who the enemy is.

The Trouble with Ending Wars


June 14, 2016 Today’s U.S. deployments in the Middle East look similar to those in 1972 Vietnam.

US Negotiators Race Against Time


June 13, 2016 The Obama administration wants to get an agreement on Ukraine before the November elections.

Central Asia: The Next Region to Unravel


June 10, 2016 The instability in Kazakhstan in recent weeks could spread throughout the region.

The US’ Distinct Approach to China and India


June 9, 2016 The two most populous nations have very different relationships with the United States.

Turkey’s Shifting Policy on Syria


June 8, 2016 Over the past few days, Ankara has seemed to relax its stance on Syrian Kurds.