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    A free weekly article on the underlying significance of major events around us.

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“It is one of those rare watershed documents in a class with the works of Giulio Douhet, B.H. Liddell Hart, and Herman Kahn. It is a benchmark…Competitors and critics alike will find themselves obliged to deal with it, one way or another”
— Maj. Gen. Edward B. Atkenson, ARMY Magazine

  • George Friedman has been an outstanding resource for our company. He has a unique ability to put today's events into a proper historical context. His writings and speeches weave a geopolitical narrative through today's events that make the future seem that much more predictable, or at least less uncertain. With George, we are routinely provided with insight and understanding but also constantly reminded of the big picture. We have found his work to be invaluable as we seek to understand the implications of today's geopolitical events.

    William E. Rotatori, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, GenRe NEAM

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